Confidential business data hold more value than ever before

We offer a range of advanced solutions to meet your specific needs. Detective, preventative, proactive and reactive security solutions, all automated and with 24 hours support

The technology and intelligence to spot and prevent threats before they become the headlines

Take action before it is too late. We provide regular pentests, internal and external.

Focus on Cybersecurity and Data Protection to Achieve Goals

With the increase of frontend online usage of your company software, cybercriminals have more ways to access your data. We provide comprehensive penetration testing (pentesting) to all necessary components:

  • Internal Software
  • Online Front
  • Pentesting
  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Spoofing

Training and Education

You are not stronger than your weakest link. We provide comprehensive and periodical training to your employees and C-Level executives.

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Trend Reads

RFID keyfobs and cards are actually very vulnerable

Most companies are using RFID based single authentication. It actually is not hard to duplicate these cards unless you update your security very often. Unfortunately, today we are seeing most companies stick with their old card systems for logging employee hours and doors which is very easy to crack. Watch this quick video from Andreas…

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Wifi Inside a USB Cable

With the increase of unique tech pieces sold on Chinese websites such as Aliexpress and Banggood, it actually is not a big surprise to see a USB cable with Wifi in it. Yes, there is a wifi unit inside a usb cable. We wanted to share this unique article with our readers. Now, it is…

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